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March 22 – Did It Again

March 23, 2011

The Mitts – Travis Bretzer’s Album – Don’t Tell Me Who I Am
Moby Dicks – ST EP – Talk Money
No Problem – Paranoid Times 7″ – Paranoid Times

Peace – My Face LP – The Dark
Brazilian Money – ST Cassette – Lost All Sense of Time
Topless Mongos – 7″ – Theme From Human Centipede

Krang – Speed of Tent 7″ – Animal Spirit
Manic Attracts – Bloodstains Across BC – Dead City
Indian Wars – Bloodstains Across BC – Get To The Point
Yung Mums – Bloodstains Across BC – BC Budz
Timecopz – Bloodstains Across BC – Laptop DJs

Dan Melchior – Assemblage Blues – Stairway To Croydon
Teenage Panzerkorps – German Reggae – Etheric Double
Davila 666 – Tan Bajo – Mala
Crystal Stilts – Shake The Shackles 7″ – Shake The Shackles


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  1. MIKE – where can I listen to this stuff? Can I hear the show recording?

    • havingsomethoughts permalink

      Gotta listen live, unfortunately. Tuesdays at 906 PM your time. I’m too lazy to rip and upload each one.

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