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April 5

April 6, 2011

Brazilian Money – This Is Not A Dream – Party Till I’m Dead
Peace – My Face – Common Trash
The Group Sound – – Secret Girlfriend
No Problem – Paranoid Times 7″ – Hurtin’ Mentality
Red Mass – Too Many Parties 7″ – Kinda Funny
Greg Arcade – In … Hawaii – (You Make Me) Feel
Mekons – Heaven and Hell – Where Were You
The Kids – ST – I Don’t Care
Dolly Mixture – Demonstration Tapes – Dream Come True
Mantles – Raspberry Thighs 7″ – Raspberry Thighs
Estrogen Highs – Friends and Relatives – Supposing View
Gun Outfit – Possession Sound – My Whole Life
Those Darlins – Screws Get Loose – Screws Get Loose
Homostupids – Strawberry Orange Peach Banana – Wildman
K- Holes – ST – Werewolf With A Tan


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One Comment
  1. WOAH!
    Thanks for playing me man!! If you ever want more stuff, or want to just chat send me an email (at the one provided) and we can talk some stuff out!

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